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Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance for Frequent Travellers

Are you someone who jumps on a plane or hits the road for a getaway multiple times a year? 
Whether you travel regularly for business, holidays or to visit family and friends interstate or overseas, you could be well served by taking out an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy.

Also sometimes known as Multi Journey or Annual Frequent Traveller insurance, these policies are both cost-effective and convenient as they will cover all your travels over a 12-month period.

Whether you are travelling to Singapore for business or to Sydney to visit friends, you can save yourself the hassle of purchasing a separate single-trip domestic or international travel insurance policy each time you take to the skies.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policies are available for those who are only planning to travel domestically within Australia, as well as those who want worldwide coverage for both domestic and international trips.

If you are a frequent traveller, an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy is well worth considering.

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How many trips can you take each year with Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?

With an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy, you are covered for as many trips as you like.

However, you will not able to spend the whole 12 months away from home on one single trip.

At the time of taking out your policy, you will need to select what the maximum length of your longest journey will be. Depending on the insurance provider, there could be options for 15 days, 30 days, 45 days or even 90 days. To be covered under the policy, any single trip you make will not be able to exceed your chosen maximum single-trip travel duration. However, there is nothing to stop you taking a one-week domestic trip, returning home for a few days and then jetting off on an international trip to New Zealand for two weeks. There are no capped amount of days across the year that you can spend travelling overall, as long as you abide by the maximum single-trip journey duration rule.

Are Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policies good value?

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policies can be exceptional value for money if you are planning to take multiple domestic or international trips over the following 12 months. As an example, with one tested Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance provider, a standard 40-year-old Australian could receive comprehensive worldwide cover for 12 months for $423. This selected policy allows individual trips of up to 45 days. With the same insurance provider, a single-trip comprehensive policy for a four-week holiday to the United States cost $449. In this scenario, the traveller could pay $26 less for 12 months of cover for all their domestic and international trips, as opposed to taking out only a single-trip policy for their travels to the United States. Different travel plans and destinations can affect the overall value of Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance. However, it is clear that these policies can more than pay for themselves – even if you only have one major trip pencilled in the calendar.

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Who can take out an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy?

You must be an Australian resident to take out an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy and all your covered journey’s must start and end at your home in Australia. This means you must purchase an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy and take possession of your Certificate of Insurance prior to your first planned travel. You will be unable to purchase a policy if you are already overseas.

Types of Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policies

Many Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance providers offer two types of multi-trip policies.

If you are planning to only travel within Australia, you can take out a Domestic Multi-Trip policy, which will cover things like cancellation, travel delay, damaged and lost luggage and personal belongings, rental car excess and personal liability cover.

There are also International Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policies, which will cover you for worldwide travel including domestic trips within Australia. International policies come with added benefits like overseas medical and hospital expenses, emergency dental care and emergency evacuation and repatriation.

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What does Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance cover?

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy benefits vary depending on the insurance provider.
However, inclusions are generally the same as standard single-trip domestic or international travel insurance policies.
In many cases, standard inclusions are as follows.


Cancellation and delays
Cover for cancellation costs, cancellation fees and lost deposits if your domestic trip is cancelled, rescheduled or shortened due to unexpected or unintended circumstances outside of your control. Many insurers will let you select your own cancellation costs limit.

Luggage and personal belongings
Cover for lost, stolen or delayed luggage, as well as lost or stolen personal belongings while on a domestic trip.

Rental car excess
Cover for the excess charged by rental car companies if a hire car is lost, stolen or damaged while in your possession. Standard excess prices in Australia are generally between $4000 and $5000.

Personal accident
Cover if you pass away on a domestic trip or if you become permanently disabled in an accident while on your trip.

Personal liability
Cover if you injure or cause the death of another person in an accident, or accidently damage another person or company’s property.


International Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policies generally have the same inclusions as Domestic policies, with the additions of the following:

Overseas medical and dental expenses
Cover if you suffer an unexpected injury or illness while overseas which requires medical treatment. Most insurers provide uncapped cover for medical expenses, but emergency dental cover is generally only up to a capped amount.

Evacuation and Repatriation
Cover if you need to return to Australia for medical treatment or other emergency reasons.

Personal accident
Coverage for your accidental death while overseas, including payments for funeral expenses. Coverage may also be provided if you become permanently disabled during a trip, or if you lose income because you are unable to work upon returning home due to an injury or illness suffered overseas.

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Compare Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

It is important to compare multiple Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policies because, while they can look similar on the surface, they can look a little different if you dig a little deeper. Some policies will have higher limits than others on some benefits, while some will also have higher excesses than others if something goes wrong on your travels and you need to make a claim. Premium prices can also vary significantly between providers. Always carefully read the Product Disclosure Statement of any policy you are considering to make sure it meets your needs.

What counts as a domestic trip under an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy?

It is quite easy to understand what a covered international trip is under an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy.

However, what constitutes a domestic trip is a little less clear given variations between insurers.

Some insurance providers consider a covered domestic trip to be any trip where you have at least one night of pre-booked accommodation at a destination that is at least 50km away from your home.

However, other providers stipulate that you will only be covered if you have at least one night of pre-booked accommodation in a destination that is at least 250km from your home.

If you like to make a lot of shorter domestic road-trips, make sure that you search for an insurance provider that has a smaller distance limit.

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Are both business and leisure trips covered under Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?

Generally speaking, most Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policies will cover both business and leisure trips. However, it is important to check the Product Disclosure Statement of any policy you are considering to make sure this is the case. Some business equipment that you take with you may not be covered under a personal Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy.

Is there an age limit for Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?

While many insurers have no age limits on single-trip travel insurance policies, the rules tend to be different for Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policies. Many insurers will only cover people on Annual Multi-Trip Travel insurance policies up to the age of 75, while some have lower limits of age 65. A select few insurance providers do offer Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policies with no stated age limit. This means the majority of regular travellers can apply for cover under these policies. However, in some circumstances active older Australians who still love to travel may instead need to take out single-trip policies for domestic or international trips.

Can couples and families take out an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy?

Individuals can take out an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy. However, if you regularly travel together with a partner, you can take out a policy together to ensure you are both covered on all your trips. Many insurance providers will also cover dependent children at no additional cost, giving you peace of mind to take the whole family on as many getaways as you can squeeze in each year. Dependent grandchildren may also be covered when travelling with grandparents, up to certain age limits.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance with Covid-19 cover

Many international travel insurance companies have added coverage for Covid-19 to their standard policies. If you or a travelling companion contracts Covid-19 before a domestic or international trip and you are no longer able to travel, you may be covered for cancellation costs under your Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy. If you contract Covid-19 while overseas and require medical treatment, you could also be covered for your medical expenses. Some policies will provide limited coverage for additional travel costs if you are unable to travel home to Australia due to being positive for Covid-19. However, coverage for any government-imposed border closures, lockdowns, quarantine or mandated Covid-19 tests are generally excluded from international travel insurance policies. Medical costs if you contract Covid-19 while on a domestic trip within Australia are also excluded from insurance policies, given Medicare will generally cover such costs.

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Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance for cruises

Many Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance providers will give you the option to add cover for cruises for a small additional fee. This will give you insurance for any ocean or river cruises that you take over the next 12 months. In addition to covering you for things like emergency medical expenses and evacuation and repatriation while on a cruise holiday, many cruise insurance policies also include a range of cruise-specific benefits. Some policies provide payments if you miss a scheduled port on your cruise due to poor weather or a natural disaster, while you could be eligible for a payment if you are confined to your cabin or a cruise medical facility for longer than 48 hours due to injury or illness. If you take your own formal attire onboard for cruise formal nights, there may also be coverage in the event your attire is stolen, damaged or lost.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance for snow sports

Snow Sports – of Ski Cover – is offered as an optional extra on most Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policies. If you regularly hit the ski slopes or are planning a trip to the snow either in Australia or overseas in the next 12 months, it is well worth adding this option to your policy.

Snow Sports cover will protect you for medical and hospital expenses overseas if you are injured or become ill on a skiing trip. You will also be covered for medical evacuation both domestically and internationally if you require emergency medical treatment that is not available on-mountain.

Snow Sports cover will generally also include protection for your personal or hired snow sports equipment if it is lost, stolen or damaged during a snow holiday. You may even be eligible to recover costs for the unused pro-rata value of lift passes, equipment hire and lessons if you cannot complete your trip as planned due to injury or illness.

For more on Ski Cover, check out our dedicated page.

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Top domestic destinations to visit with Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

An Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy will give you peace of mind to travel as much as your calendar commitments and budget allows. Here are five top destinations within Australia that are worth considering for your next trip.

Kangaroo Island – A great nature-based destination, Kangaroo Island is one of the top places in Australia to see a huge range of wildlife on land and in the ocean. From kangaroos and koalas to Australian sea lions and Humpback whales, Kangaroo Island is the jewel in South Australia’s tourism crown. Sitting just 13km off the coast of South Australia, Kangaroos Island can be accessed by plane from Adelaide of by ferry from Cape Jervis. For more on Kangaroo Island, see our dedicated guide.

Broome – A 2.5 hour flight north of Perth, this remote regional town on the coast of Western Australia is famous for its camel rides on the beach at sunset. However, Broome and its surrounding region has a lot more to offer than just the camels. Broome is one of the world’s best places to see Humpback whales in the wild, while the nearby Horizontal Falls, Bungle Bungles, Kimberley Coast and Dampier Peninsula are all worth a visit. For more on Broome, see our dedicated guide.

Hamilton Island – The gateway to the wonderful Whitsunday Islands, the picturesque Hamilton Island has been a popular tourist destination since the late 1970s. The island has a commercial airport and a host of different accommodation options for different groups and budgets. Airlie Beach on the mainland is just a 60-minute ferry away, while the world-famous Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island is a must-visit and is just a 30-minute high-speed catamaran ride away. For more on Hamilton Island, see our dedicated guide.

Norfolk Island – An external territory of Australia that is actually closer to New Zealand and New Caledonia, Norfolk Island is a unique destination nestled in the South Pacific that can be accessed without a passport. Once home to a convict colony of criminals, it is now a peaceful paradise with a warm climate year-round and plenty to see, do and explore. For more on Norfolk Island, see our dedicated guide.

Ningaloo Reef – About 1200km north of Perth on the Western Australia coast, Ningaloo Reef stretches 300km long and is part of the UNESCO Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area. It is the go-to destination in Australia to spot or swim with majestic whale sharks, which are the world’s biggest fish. There is also a good chance you could encounter Manta Rays, Humpback Whales and dolphins if you take a tour out to the reef. For more on Ningaloo Reef, see our dedicated guide.

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Five top international destinations to visit with Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

If you take out a worldwide Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy, your travel options are endless and are limited only by the time and money you have to spare. Here are five top overseas destinations that are worth considering for your next trip.

New Zealand – A long-time favourite destination for Australians, the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ has plenty to see and plenty to explore. Just a short flight across the Tasman Sea from Australia’s east coast, the north and south islands of New Zealand both have different but spectacular scenery that can be enjoyed in summer or winter. For more on New Zealand, see our dedicated guide.

Bali – Traditionally the second-most visited overseas destination for Australians behind New Zealand, the Indonesian island of Bali is a tropical paradise. It has great weather year-round and there are no shortage of beaches, waterfalls and rice paddies to check out. Bali is easily accessible, with regular direct flights from most major Australian cities. For more on Bali, see our dedicated guide.

Hawaii – Boasting six unique populated islands to pick from, Hawaii is a tropical destination in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that is much-loved by many Australians. Direct flights from Australia arrive in Honolulu on the island of Oahu, but the other islands are accessible by short inter-island flights. Part of the United States, Hawaii has great weather year-round, amazing beaches and plenty of great hiking. There is also good shopping opportunities, or you can simply spend some time relaxing on ‘island time’. For more on Hawaii, see our dedicated guide.

Japan – A unique destination with an ancient culture, Japan has some great cities as well as some great nature and outdoor activities spots. From karaoke bars in Tokyo to ancient temples in Kyoto and the historically important city of Hiroshima, there is plenty to see. Japan also boasts some of the world’s best skiing for those who love to hit the slopes, while Tokyo has a 115-acre Disneyland theme park. Food lovers are spoilt for choice in Japan, while it is worth tying some sake for those of drinking age. For more on Japan, see our dedicated guide.

United Kingdom – The gateway to Europe for many Australians, the UK is a highly popular overseas destination. The UK is made up of four countries – England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. But most Australians have their sights firmly set on visiting the sprawling and lively city of London. From Buckingham Palace to Big Ben and Tower Bridge, there are plenty of historic sites to visit. You also have the option to see it all from above with a ride on the London Eye. London boasts some great nightlife and sporting events, including the English Premier League and the annual Wimbledon tennis tournament. For more on the UK, see our dedicated guide.

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