Corporate Travel Insurance

When you consider the risks involved in all forms of travel, corporate travel insurance is a wise choice that could save your business thousands of dollars. Whether you have a group of staff travelling to the other side of Australia to present to a new client, or overseas to attend an industry conference, there are many things that could go wrong, jeopardising the entire trip.

Corporate travel insurance works very similarly to regular travel insurance, but with some added benefits such as:

  • Value for money – buying corporate travel insurance for a group of 10 or more people travelling together often works out much cheaper than individual travel insurance.
  • Equal benefits – everyone travelling together can expect access to the same benefits, from medical expenses, to lost luggage including electronics.
  • Convenience – There’s no need to manage and remember the details of multiple separate policies, which may all have different types of benefits, and different processes for claims. Everyone in the group is on a single policy, with a single policy document.

Corporate Travel Insurance Quotes Online

When you’re in the middle of organising a corporate trip for multiple people, the last thing you want to do is still hunt around for the best corporate travel insurance quote. Which is why we have made it easier for you to do online: simply give us the contact details for a single person, along with the age groups of all the people you need covered, and a few of the travel details. We’ll then provide you with several different policies for you to compare, allowing you to select the cheapest insurance, or the travel insurance with the right cover for your group’s needs.

Putting one person in charge of organising the travel insurance makes it easier to collate the names, dates of birth, and details of pre-existing medical conditions for everyone in the group. This saves time when it comes to taking out the insurance, and ensures that a single person has all the relevant documentation with them during the trip.

As with regular travel insurance policies, your group can expect cover with benefits that fall under:

What does corporate travel insurance cover?

Corporate travel insurance is very much the same as individual travel insurance in terms of conditions, and the type of cover available. You still need to disclose pre-existing medical conditions for all travellers, along with details of any high-risk activities that may occur – regardless of whether the whole group will be participating, or only a few individuals. Travel insurance coverage usually includes:

  • Medical expenses – for accidental injuries, or illnesses contracted while travelling
  • Lost or stolen luggage – be sure to check for any conditions relating to expensive electronics such as laptops, especially since this is for a business related trip.
  • Emergency assistance – which could include evacuation due to conflict or natural disasters.
  • Cancellations and delays – if any portion of the trip needs to be cancelled, including booked accommodation that cannot be used due to flight delays, most of the prepaid costs could be reimbursed.
  • Rental vehicle excess – this doesn’t apply to actual car hire, but rather any excess fees you may be liable for due to accidental damage to the vehicle.

but full details of what is covered and what is excluded will always be found in the Product Disclosure Statement, which is available with any quotes you get online.

We can help you get the right corporate travel insurance and save money, whether for Australian trips, or business trips to the other side of the world.