Family Travel Insurance

Travelling as a family can be an exciting adventure, filled with fun new opportunities to create memories. But a family holiday can be expensive with flights, accommodation, and travel expenses adding up quickly.

With family travel insurance, there is one less thing to worry about, with most insurers offering travel insurance for free to children under a certain age. This age is dependent on the insurance provider, but most insurers will cover children under 21 years of age, travelling with two or more adults.

Covering your family under one insurance policy is the way to go, but as with any travel insurance policy, you should compare insurance quotes to find the right family travel insurance policy for your family’s requirements.

Family travel insurance benefits

A comprehensive family travel insurance policy should include some – or all – of the following benefits:

Medical expenses: Your insurance should cover any medical expenses if one of your family members fall ill or is involved in an accident while on holiday. This could include medical evacuations if need be.

Theft or loss of belongings: If any of your belongings go missing, or are stolen – your travel insurance will cover the cost of these items, for the whole family.

Flight delays or cancellations: Travelling with a family means that you have spent a lot of money on plane tickets, so a cancelled flight could be crippling for you. Your travel insurance policy should cover most of the costs of booking new flights if need be, or cover expenses incurred due to delayed flights.

Family emergency cover: When travelling with kids, especially young kids, there is always a chance of something going wrong or someone being hurt or falling ill. A comprehensive travel insurance policy will offer family emergency cover up to a certain amount, for any unforeseen emergencies.

Car rental: If you are travelling with a large family, you may need to hire a van or large vehicle, depending on the size of your family. Make sure your travel insurance policy covers your rental vehicle overseas in case of any accidents or emergencies. This will include vehicle excess.

Family adventure activities: Certain activities may be seen as high-risk, but with family travel insurance, some insurers will offer adventure activities cover for children, as long as you stipulate these beforehand. You should speak to your insurer about your itinerary and what activities are covered.

Pregnancy cover: Some insurers will offer cover to a pregnant woman travelling with their spouse or family, for up to 32-weeks pregnant. You will need to speak to your doctor beforehand to see if it is safe to travel, before buying your travel insurance.

24-hour emergency assistance: Some insurers offer 24-hour emergency assistance to assist your family in an emergency situation wherever you are on your travels.

You should always read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the travel insurance that you choose for your family, so you are fully aware of all your travel insurance benefits.

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