Frequently Asked Questions2021-11-10T14:30:27+11:00

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below please contact us.

What is your refund policy?2021-11-10T14:32:45+11:00

If you decide you do not want the policy you have purchased, you may cancel it within 14 days from the date of issue on the Certificate of Insurance. You will be given a full refund of the premium paid; provided you have not started your journey and you have not nor intend to make a claim or exercise any other rights under the policy. Please contact us directly if you wish to cancel your policy.

Is your site secure?2021-11-10T14:32:45+11:00

Yes, we use SSL to secure your data with modern encryption. After you select your policy and are sent to the secure Application Form, you can check the “padlock” in your browser window on the Application Form page to check the SSL Certificate is installed and encrypting your data.

What do I do if I have a complaint?2021-11-10T14:32:45+11:00

Firstly, contact the insurer to see if you can resolve the complaint. Each insurer has a fully documented internal process for resolving a dispute between the consumer and the insurer, the insurer’s agent or the consumer and the insurer’s investigator or loss adjustor.
If you are not satisfied with the way the complaint has been dealt with it can also be referred to the industry’s independent external dispute resolution body, the Financial Ombudsman Service Limited, (FOS). To access the FOS process please call 1300 780 808 or write to the FOS at GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001

How do I make a claim?2021-11-10T14:32:45+11:00

You must contact the insurers directly to make a claim. If you wish to make a claim please contact the insurer directly. Please also refer to your Emergency Assistance numbers and policy documentation provided. Contact details can be found by selecting the appropriate insurer.

Who are dependants?2021-11-10T14:32:45+11:00

The definition of dependants differ by insurer, and are as follows for your reference:


“your children, stepchildren, grandchildren, foster children, and children for whom you are the legal guardian who are travelling with you on the same itinerary for the entire duration of your trip and at the time the Certificate of Insurance is issued are: under 25 years of age, and working less than 30 hours per week.”



“Dependant means your children or grandchildren, or other for whom you are the legally responsible guardian, who are:

– Traveling with you on the majority of your trip; and
– Not in full time employment; and
– Under the age of 25 at the date of policy issue; and
– Named in the Certificate of Insurance

Are dependent children covered?2021-11-10T14:32:45+11:00

Under most single & family policies dependents are covered for free. Under a Duo policy dependents are not covered.

Who is a “Resident of Australia”?2021-11-10T14:32:45+11:00

“Resident of Australia” means someone who currently resides in Australia and is eligible for an Australian Medicare Card.

How much is the Excess?2021-11-10T14:32:45+11:00

Excess amounts differ by the insurer and are outlined in the PDS. Some plans have an option to remove the excess for an additional cost to your premium and will be shown on your online application if applicable.

Are the Underwriters reputable?2021-11-10T14:32:45+11:00

Yes, the industry is strictly governed by The Financial Services Reform Act and all our insurance products are from reputable providers.

Can you tell me which policy is the best for me?2021-11-10T14:32:45+11:00

The cost and benefits vary from policy to policy. We can give you general information to help you decide but cannot advise you on whether the terms are specifically appropriate for your individual objectives, financial situation or needs.

How do I get a quote?2021-11-10T14:32:45+11:00

A quote can be obtained from our Web site by choosing the type of cover you require and entering your travel details.

What are bonus days?2021-11-10T14:32:45+11:00

Bonus Days extend the policy length set by the insurers. They do not extend your actual policy coverage. Bonus days are automatically calculated on our Web site. Therefore please ensure the exact date of your departure from Australia & the exact date of your return to Australia are entered correctly.

What happens after I submit the application to you?2021-11-10T14:32:45+11:00

Once the application has been received, our team will check the application and your policy will be issued and confirmed by email. Once you have received the email, you are covered. A copy of your documents can also be sent by post if required. If there are any problems with your application we will contact you.

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