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Las Vegas, the home of entertainment. Also otherwise known as, “The entertainment capital of the world”, “Sin city” , or “City of lights”, Las Vegas is the perfect party destination – where anything can happen. This colourful city is famous for its vibrant nightlife, 24-hour casinos, themed hotels, shopping galore, and Elvis Presley inspired whirlwind weddings.

Las Vegas is a must-see destination for singles looking to have a good time, or families ready to make memories – there is loads on offer for everyone. It is located in the Mojave Desert, in the State of Nevada, and is the 28th most-populated city in the United States.

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Gambling in Las Vegas might turn you into a pro at cashing in the dollars, but gambling with your health and safety while in Las Vegas, is not a wise decision. Ensuring you and your family are covered on your travels to Las Vegas, is absolutely essential. Invest in a comprehensive travel insurance plan for Las Vegas, to cover you in case of a disaster.

What is included in travel insurance for Las Vegas?

Medical bills and assistance: While Vegas may be all lights and wonder, the reality of medical assistance in Las Vegas, is not so bright. Hospitals and doctors in Las Vegas are not cheap, and the most minor procedures can end up costing you thousand of Dollars. A comprehensive travel insurance will cover most of the costs involved for medical assistance, while you are in Las Vegas.

Lost or stolen belongings: The crime rate in Las Vegas is not extremely high, however, there is always a chance of your belongings being lost or stolen while traveling. Travel insurance will cover most of the costs involved in replacing these items.

Delayed or cancelled flight: Delayed or cancelled flights are a reality anywhere in the world, and can you leave you stranded, without the right cover. Travel insurance should cover most of the costs involved in booking new flights, or paying for essentials and expenses, if you are delayed.

Vehicle excess: If you choose to rent a vehicle in Las Vegas, your travel insurance should cover the majority of your excess, if you are involved in an accident.

Stolen cash: Carrying cash in Las Vegas is a reality, with gambling and partying being top of the list for a lot of travelers to this city. Your insurer should replace the value, or a portion of your cash, if it is stolen from your body – provided you have not been negligent.

Seniors travel insurance: You’ve worked your whole life, so why not indulge in a bit of gambling in Las Vegas – you deserve it. This can be an extremely exciting adventure for a senior couple, or a group of friends, ready to hit the Las Vegas senior lifestyle. But you should be aware, that travel insurance as a senior, does not always offer sufficient cover – particularly when it comes to pre-existing medical conditions. You may be charged a higher rate for travel insurance, or need to add on extra expenses to your insurance, to receive sufficient cover for your trip. You can compare seniors travel insurance with our four insurers.

What is excluded from travel insurance in Las Vegas?

Negligent behaviour: Drinking is a popular pastime in Las Vegas, and while this may all be fun and (drinking) games, alcohol, or drugs, can hinder your judgement and ability to remain vigilant. If you are robbed or involved in any kind of serious incident, such as a bar fight, car accident, or illegal activity – your travel insurance might not cover you for loss of property, damage to property, or medical expenses. Be aware of this before you get ready for shots, shots, shots …

Pre-existing medical conditions: While some travel insurance providers will cover certain pre-existing medical conditions, not all insurers do. If you have a medical condition for which you are currently receiving treatment, you need to inform your insurer, and ask what you are covered for. You might need to take out additional insurance for your conditions.

High-risk activities: Besides the party lifestyle in Las Vegas, the city also has an abundance of exciting activities to offer – from hot air ballooning over Red Rock Canyon, to Stratosphere thrill rides, or buggy racing in the desert – there’s an adrenaline rush waiting for you. But before you hop into that balloon, make sure you are covered for any medical emergencies or disasters while participating in these activities. Not all insurers offer cover for high-risk activities as part of their standard plan – you might need to add this as extra cover to your travel insurance.

Avoiding danger in Las Vegas

The Strip: The Strip is the main road in Las Vegas, where casinos, hotels, restaurants, and shops are in abundance, and the Vegas lifestyle is at its best. It is easily explored by foot, where you can take in the sights, watch people, and gaze at the mesmerising lights at night. It is generally safe to explore during daytime hours, and if you want to go out at night – it’s better to stay in a group, and close to busy hotels and areas where there is a lot of activity. Don’t be lured into dark alleys by potential conmen or drug dealers – stay visible and in well-lit areas at all times.

Going exploring: Las Vegas, with all its lights and activity, can at times, be overwhelming for tourists, with the desire to escape this busy lifestyle for more outdoor activities. While there are some designated tour guides and tourist activities outside of the main city, where safety is not a concern – the majority of crimes and unsavoury behaviour, happens outside of the tourist spots. It is generally safer not to venture out too far from the The Strip of Vegas, or away from crowds, where you become more vulnerable. Always seek the assistance of a registered tour guide, if you choose to go exploring.

Drinking in Vegas: Where possible, avoid going out for drinks too far away from your hotel – especially if you plan on having a few drinks. Most hotels in Las Vegas offer a bar area, restaurant, or even a club for its guests, so chances are you won’t need to leave your hotel at all. If you do venture out onto the streets of Vegas for drinks, be sure to go with a friend or two, and possibly someone who won’t be drinking, that can take responsibility for your safe arrival back to your hotel. There are always criminals looking for a vulnerable person to take advantage of, so be safe when drinking, and don’t leave your drink unattended at any time.

Public transport: The public transport in Las Vegas is extremely safe, and easy to use. There are always shuttles, buses, or taxis available for transportation if you need it. This makes it easy to get around with hiring a rental vehicle, which could be a lot safer in the long run. Becoming familiar with driving in another country, or running the risk of getting into an accident, are not worries you should have while traveling – if you can get away with not renting a vehicle, make use of the public transport instead.

Pickpockets and mugging: Las Vegas is mostly safe, but there are incidents where pickpockets and muggings have occurred. Remain vigilant at all times, and keep your belongings close to you and in sight when traveling.

Women travellers: It is generally very safe for women travellers in Las Vegas, but like anywhere in the world, there is risk involved if you are not cautious. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, and take note of men trying to lure you into dark areas, or offering to buy you a drink. If you keep your wits about you, you should be totally fine traveling in Las Vegas.

Traveling with children: Family vacations in Las Vegas can be full of fun and adventure, but if you are traveling with children, you need to be wary of the nightlife around the city. Pornographic material is commonly distributed on The Strip, and easily noticeable in many areas around Las Vegas – you should take care to guard young children from this. You also need to be aware of the restrictions for children in casinos – they are not allowed on the casino floor at any time.

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