Pensioners Travel Insurance

Being a pensioner comes with the freedom to do what you like when you like and not feel guilty about it. You’ve worked hard your whole life, and deserve the freedom of being able to travel if and when you want to. That could mean visiting the grandkids overseas, exploring new cities with your lifelong friend, or going on a cruise with your spouse.

Travelling and exploring new places is a great way to enjoy your retirement, but before you set off on your well-deserved adventure, you need to think about travel insurance. Pensioners travel insurance can look a little different to travel insurance for those younger than you because as you get older, the risk is higher for insurers. There is more chance of being predisposed to certain medical conditions or being vulnerable to accidents.

Some travel insurers will change the insurance policy benefits if you are over a certain age, while others will offer normal cover for anyone up to the age of 100. It is advisable to compare seniors travel insurance policies as much as possible to find the best cover for your age, health, and destination.

Travelling on a pensioners budget can be tricky, making it even more important to hunt for the best pensioners travel insurance policy to cover all your insurance needs within your budget.

Some important aspects that you will need to be covered as a pensioner travelling locally or overseas, include:

  •  Medical contributions and emergencies: this includes all medication or treatment that is required for any pre-existing medical conditions while you are travelling.
  •  Medical assistance if you are in an accident or are hurt in any way while travelling.
  •  Flight cancellations or delays that result in further delays or expenses.
  •  Emergency evacuations or trip cancellations, resulting in the need for you to return home immediately.
  •  Cruise ship cover if you are going on a boat cruise of any kind.
  •  Lost or stolen belongings.
  •  24/7 emergency assistance if you are caught in a situation where you have fallen or are in any kind of danger.

Some tips for pensioners travelling overseas

  •  Always check in with your doctor before attempting a holiday or trip, to ensure you are healthy enough and it is safe for you to travel.
  •  Ensure all your vaccinations are up to date and ask your doctor about further vaccinations that might be necessary for your destination.
  •  Make sure you are travelling with all the right medications for any medical conditions you may have. Check if you need to adjust any of your medications for different countries and time zones.
  •  Some countries might require a written consent for any medication that you bring into the country, so it is advisable to always carry a doctor’s letter with you for customs purposes.
  •  Keep your blood flowing and your muscles working, by taking regular strolls up and down the plane, boat, or train you are travelling on. Try to regularly stretch your feet and leg muscles, and keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Remember that you are are a pensioner so there is no need to rush from one activity to the next. You can take your time and relax without people expecting too much from you. Look for pensioner discounts wherever you are and take full advantage of them.

We also offer travel insurance for seniors over 70.