Travel Insurance for School Trips

Any parent wants their child to be safe at all times, but when it comes to school organised trips, both in Australia and internationally, travel insurance could easily be overlooked. You might assume that the school has insurance policies in place to protect the institution, teachers, and students, but these seldom extend to activities off school property, and certainly not to any trips involving long-distance travel.

When your child travels locally or internationally – both for educational trips, and extra curricular activities – you could take out a travel insurance policy for them, but this only covers them individually. And if all the children in the group end up with individual travel insurance, making claims becomes a nightmare to manage properly, increasing the possibility of mistakes being made, and claims being denied.

A collective school travel insurance policy offers several benefits over individual policies, including:

  • Affordability – a group school travel insurance policy could work out considerably cheaper than individual policies.
  • Same benefits – individual policies would see everyone having access to different types of benefits, while a group policy sees everyone having the same benefits, leading to much less confusion, or the possibility of inadequate cover.
  • Convenience – a single school travel insurance policy brings with it a single policy document, making it easier to manage and travel with. And the claim process remains the same, no matter who the claim is for.

School travel insurance policies are available for both travel within Australian borders, and international travel involving 10 or more learners, accompanied by one or more adults, where everybody is following the same itinerary.

We’re able to assist with finding the best, and cheapest school travel insurance quotes for you to compare, tailored for your exact needs. And requesting these quotes – and buying the insurance – is incredibly simple, and can be done online. All we need to get started are the details of the contact person, travel dates, main destinations, and the number of adults and children under the age of 21 in the group. Information such as pre-existing medical conditions of anyone in the group, along with additional cover requirements will ensure we are able to find the right cover for your school trip. All that’s left for the school to do is assess the quotes we provide, and then select the one that matches their needs.

Depending on the level of cover you select, everyone on your school trip can expect benefits that may include:

  • Any cancellation fees or lost deposits for full cancellations or delays.
  • Lost, stolen, or delayed luggage, including sporting equipment and any other special luggage your group travels with.
  • Most medical and in-hospital expenses.
  • Costs associated with travel delays, depending on the cause of the delay.
  • Accidental death or disability.
  • Emergency evacuations.
  • Liability for damage to property, or injury or death of a third party.
  • Loss of or damage to declared special equipment, including cameras and laptops.

Once you have selected and bought a school travel insurance policy, it is very important that you distribute a copy of the policy to all parents with children going on the trip. This will ensure that they are aware of the precise benefits of the policy, along with specific exclusions, along with the process for initiating a claim. If any special documents are needed, check that each child has these, and that you have a backup copy for added security. It is also important for the person accompanying the children to have a detailed understanding of the claims process, should the need arise.

We can help you get the right school travel insurance and save money, whether you’re travelling to the other side of Australia, or the other side of the world.