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Safer Holidays for Retirees With Discounted Travel Cover for the Over 60s

We spend a large portion of our lives raising children and working to support our families. But once we reach our sixties, many of those responsibilities fall away, and we finally have time to relax, and put our own interests first. And for many people in their sixties and older, travel is a top priority.

Travelling as a senior does give you a lot more freedom: you can travel wherever your budget allows, and as often as your budget allows, and you can take longer trips, or extend your trip without having to worry about work. But this same freedom comes with insurers seeing you as a higher risk.

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Can Seniors Get Travel Insurance?

Insurance is risk dependent, with some insurers not willing to offer any products for anything with too high a risk profile. But thankfully for senior travellers, it is still possible to get travel insurance. Each insurer will set their own age limit, but there are senior travel insurance policies available for individuals up to the age of 100-years.

However, these aren’t necessarily cheap insurance products, and you should be prepared to pay a higher premium for cover, and possibly producing a letter from your personal doctor declaring you fit for travel.

What to Check For in a Seniors Travel Insurance Policy

As with any travel insurance policy, you should check that the limits for each benefit are sufficient for your needs and that they don’t come with too many conditions or exclusions attached. More importantly, the type of policy you select needs to be suitable for the type of trip you are taking. If you intend making more than one trip in a year, a multi-trip policy could be better value for money, while also being more convenient than taking out a new policy for each trip. Pay attention to the maximum trip length the policy applies to, and if any part of your trip includes a cruise, this should be noted, since most policies don’t cover cruises by default.

Domestic travel insurance usually only applies to trips more than 250 km from your home, and even though Medicare and private health insurance would cover most of the costs associated with medical treatment during a trip in Australia, domestic travel insurance is still a wise choice for seniors when it comes to lost or delayed luggage, or having to cancel any part of the trip due to ill health, or other reasons.

And doing all of the above is a lot easier when choosing to compare seniors travel insurance online, since you have easy access to multiple quotes, along with all the necessary details that apply to each travel insurance quote.

Expecting you to fully disclose any pre-existing medical conditions is not unique to seniors travel insurance, it is a standard requirement for most travel insurance products. However, it is perhaps more important for senior travellers to pay close attention to any medical conditions not covered by the policy, which would always be listed in full in the policy’s Product Disclosure Statement. That way you are aware of any special arrangements you may need to make.

Why Should You Get Seniors Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a wise choice regardless of your age. Nobody wants anything to go wrong on their holiday or trip, but the reality is that we have little control over what could go wrong. And the longer and more complicated your trip is, the greater the risk of something going wrong. Even if it is something as minor as lost or delayed luggage; imagine travelling to a much colder destination, and finding out you won’t have any warm clothes other than what you took in your carry-on luggage?

The primary purpose of travel insurance is to provide you with peace-of-mind so that you are able to fully enjoy your trip, whether it is a local trip to learn more about Australian culture or a trip to some far-flung exotic location.

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