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We have compiled the Top 10 best travel packing hacks of all time to ensure that you pack like a seasoned traveller on your next holiday.

1. Cling wrap

Adding some cling wrap under the twisting lid of your toiletries will make sure you don’t arrive at your destination with shampoo or conditioner exploded over your luggage. You can also wrap jewellery to prevent tangling – and for delicate necklaces you can always feed them through a plastic straw before cling wrapping them.

2. Ice cream container

The good old empty ice cream container can be used to store items that may leak in a suitcase. It can also be used as a washing or soaking tub for smaller clothing and always handy in the event of someone being sick and needing a bucket.

3. Zip lock bags

Not just another great way to store and separate items – but also good to cover hotel room remotes if you’re a germaphobe. It will save you the worry of who else has touched the remotes.

4. Shoes are empty spaces

Shoes are empty storage spaces that you can fill with socks and other smaller items like earphones, jewellery or hidden emergency cash.

5. Door wedge

Particularly handy for keeping the hotel room door open while you’re carting in your luggage as well as stopping those annoying doors slamming at night – but also a little bit of extra security to help prevent people getting into your room at night when you’re sleeping. For a $2 item it’s worth the peace of mind. Make sure it’s packed somewhere it can be easily retrieved.

6. Dental floss

Not just great for dental hygiene – but trusty dental floss has several other uses. A good strong floss can be used as a clothesline to dry clothes, used in situations that may require emergency stitching, fits through the screw hole of spectacles to reattach the lens arm and even used as shoelaces! So a needle and a trusty packet of dental floss won’t cost the earth, won’t take up much space but can have many valuable uses.

7. Clothes dryer sheets

They will keep your clothes smelling great and help reduce static. Can be placed in shoes after a long day on your feet to help with odours

8. Rubber bands, shower caps, bulldog clips and pill cases

Rubber bands are handy for rolling your clothes and keeping them rolled tighter to make more room in a suitcase. Shower caps are great for packing shoes in to prevent dirty shoes getting on other luggage. Bulldog clips can be used to cover your razor blade to keep them sharp and avoid any cuts when unpacking. Pill cases also are very handy as storage for earrings.

9. Compression Bags

Very handy for people going on longer trips who need to fit more in. Compression bags may be great at condensing luggage but some may require a vacuum for air removal – so if you’re visiting somewhere you don’t have access to a vacuum, you may want to opt for one that doesn’t need it. Keep in mind the compression may cause more wrinkles so make sure you have access to an iron if you want fresh pressed clothes on holiday.

10. Empty lip balm case

The perfect discreet place to hide rolled up emergency cash. In the instance of a robbery your wallet is an obvious place – but who would want your lip balm?

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