Airport and travel hacks -

Treat the flight crew like royalty

Remember these are the staff who will be attending to you and kindness goes a long way. If you’re happy and friendly to them when boarding the chances are high that you will get better in-flight service.

Bring a battery pack for your electronics

The last thing you want is your tablet or electronic device to run out of battery halfway through a podcast, movie or while listening to music. Battery packs are relatively light and easy to carry, some people even pack two. They are also handy if travel delays occur.

Take a photo of your luggage

This can be very handy when it comes to lost luggage and makes it much easier to find at the Lost and Found Department.

Make your luggage easy to identify

Some people purchase bright coloured luggage. Budget options include bright coloured ribbons tied around handles. Just make sure you don’t have long dangling items on your luggage. You don’t want it stuck in a conveyer belt where staff may be forced to yank it out and damage your luggage.

Wear shoes with socks

This means you can take your shoes off when you’re settled on the plane. It’s also advisable to make sure your shoes don’t have bad odours before you board — no one wants to be that “stinky” passenger.

Take some gum

Particularly handy for children with sensitive ears, chewing gum can help with equalising ear pressure when taking off or landing. Can also be a good distraction for nervous flyers. Import of chewing gum is prohibited in some countries though, so it’s best to check and dispose of it before passing through customs if required.

Try putting fragile stickers on your suitcase

In most cases luggage with “Fragile” stickers are packed last. This means that your luggage should come out first.

Ziplock sandwich bags are your saviour

Put electronic devices/chargers in a ziplock bag and, most importantly, put all your liquids like toothpaste, shampoo, etc in separate ones. It’s important to put perfume and cologne in separate zip lock bags as well, you don’t want the taste of Chanel when you brush your teeth or the smell of Brut on your evening dress!

Travel with two wallets

Keep one on you with a limited amount of cash and necessary items. Keep extra cash, ID and credit cards in a second wallet that’s less obvious to potential unsavoury characters.

Don’t swap over all of your Aussie dollars before departing

Remember you will be coming home at some stage and may want to keep some Australian dollars on you.

BYO snacks

Airport food will cost you double than what you can bring from home. Save some money and bring BYO snacks for when you’re waiting to board.

Make copies of your passport and documents

Keep a copy in your check-in luggage and one in your carry on. It’s relatively light and handy in the instance of an item of luggage going missing or if you get robbed. Other important documents may include; travel insurance, ID, itinerary and a list of emergency contacts.

Don’t post pics of your tickets on social media

Posting pictures of your airline ticket could leave you vulnerable to identity theft and may encourage hackers. Cybersecurity experts have stated hackers can use the boarding passes to find personal information with which they can cancel or rearrange your flights and access personal details such as phone numbers and addresses.

Book your hire car before you leave

When you book online and can pay before you leave, it means you won’t have to wait as long at the car hire place with others who haven’t thought to book in advance.

Set an alarm for your boarding time

If you’re enjoying wine at the airport lounge or busy sorting out the kids — setting an alarm can save you from missing your flight if you’ve been distracted in the departure lounge.

These basic and easy to follow tips are sure to assist you in having an easier time at the airport and travel like a pro!