Before you go

  •  Give copies of your trip itinerary and phone numbers to relatives or friends so they know where you will be.
  •  Give copies of your travel insurance details to relatives or friends so they know you’re covered in the event of an emergency. When we email you your policy confirmation details you can forward these to relatives or friends.
  •  Ensure your regular home deliveries have been stopped while you’re on holidays.
Household Checklist -
  •  Make sure you have someone sorted to look after your lawn and plants.
  •  Contact your bank to let them know you’ll be travelling. Having your card frozen due to suspicious activity is a major hassle.
  •  Have a neighbour or friend to check your mail / post.
  •  Make sure all windows and doors are locked and closed.
  •  Leave a house key with a neighbour or friend. Perhaps arrange someone you trust to be a house sitter.
  •  Who’s going to look after your pets? A house sitter may be a good idea so your beloved pet can still be in their own home environment and not need to go to a kennel.
  •  Make sure all taps and lights are checked. Bed lamps, etc can be turned off at the power point before you leave.
  •  Speak to your telco provider if you need international roaming. Often an international SIM can be bought in the country you’re visiting and can work out cheaper on a pre-paid system. Last thing you want is a huge bill from your phone company for international roaming charges.
  •  Throw out perishable items so you don’t come home to mouldy food and bad smells.
  •  Check all heating / cooling units before you go away. If they are set on timers you don’t want them running whilst you’re away.
  •  Register your travel plans on
  •  Have you tried putting baking soda in the sink and toilet?This helps to neutralise odours from coming home after a period where the water has been left stagnant.
  •  Write down emergency contact numbers and keep them handy. Not just for Travel Insurance emergency contacts but also numbers for friends and families.
  •  Freeze a meal for when you get home from your holidays. Sometimes the last thing you want to do when getting back from a long trip is going to the shops and cooking a meal.