As you may have probably deduced from its name, a “workcation” is like a vacation, but with work involved. This new trend is becoming increasingly popular; particularly among workers who struggle to find a balance between their work and taking time off. So, what are the pros and cons of a “workcation”?


A workcation is an excellent chance to get away from the office, and possibly some of the other employees. The change of scenery can be revitalising; fresh air, enjoyable activities, different company, etc.; and if you don’t use vacation time, you might lose it entirely.

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You can multi-task and enjoy the scenery while handling the ‘must do’ jobs. Imagine sitting by the beach in Bali, with the warm sun shining down on you, a sea breeze keeping you cool, a fresh fruit platter to your left; would make answering those many emails much more bearable.

Unlike a regular vacation, returning to work won’t come with the usual stress of catching up on what’s happened while you were away. You’re only a call or an email away, and tools like Skype allow for face to face interaction when necessary. Other than missing out on the lunchtime office gossip, you will have answered all emails and phone calls, and attended meetings remotely.

Remote networks allow you to work from anywhere with an internet signal and with the available technology we have now, you can work wherever. Your smartphone will enable you to receive/send emails, make/answer calls and Skype in on any essential meetings happening back at the office.


Working vacationers are often distracted; special moments with family and friends may pass by before you realise it. Your smartphone is an ever-present distraction with dinging emails and notifications that divide your attention.

You’re never fully allowing yourself to relax and enjoy a healthy work-life balance. You may end up returning to work just as tired as you were before the time off.

The additional luggage space needed for new technology and equipment makes travel more difficult. Finding a location with a stable internet connection can also be of difficulty. Activity planning is limited to where you can maintain a Wi-Fi connection.

If your workcation takes you overseas, time zone differences may have implications on your ability to dial in on important meetings. If your job requires more collaboration between yourself and your colleagues, face to face communication may be essential. It is still possible to participate in meetings via Skype, however, may impact the itinerary you and your family had planned.

So, is a workcation a good idea? The conclusion we’ve come to is it all depends on personal preference. It allows you the ability to travel often without falling behind on your busy work schedule. However, if going with family, a discussion over a set itinerary may be in the cards, allowing time for both work and enjoyment while away.