The Irish are said to be very courteous and happy to make travellers feel at home. However there are always a few things to remember to ensure you don’t commit any etiquette fails – which are mostly about avoiding stereotypes!

Dress to impress.

There’s a stereotype that the Irish wear a lot of wool or tweed and that visitors shouldn’t dress too flashy. However, whilst the traditional Irish may not appreciate your Gucci out-fit and common sense tells you that a pair of Prada Heels may not be appropriate attire on a rainy Irish day. The Irish are just as fashion conscious and enjoy the latest styles like many other countries.

Ireland Travel Tips -

Don’t rush the Irish.

The Irish have a relaxed sense of time and aren’t known for being punctual when it comes to social outings. However when it comes to business, expect the Irish to be like anyone else, so be on time.

Don’t leave the pub without shouting your round.

Avoid being labelled as stingy – if you’ve joined a circle of people and enjoying them shouting you a round, ensure you return the favour.

Do not confuse Ireland with the UK.

The Irish are very proud of their culture and how they differ from England.

They may prefer a nice bottle of wine.

Don’t assume that all Irish people drink Bailey’s or Whiskey. So if you’ve been invited to someone’s home bring wine, chocolates or flowers as a small token of appreciation. (Note that red and white flowers symbolize death so avoid these colours).

So instead of picturing leprechauns dancing in shamrock laden fields listening to fiddle music before your visit remember that Ireland is full of relaxed, courteous and welcoming people. In the wise words of Irish people now living in Australia: “All will be fine – just shout us a drink.”