Unfortunately, we are not currently offering travel insurance.

Due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions imposed by the Australian and other governments, our insurers have temporarily suspended issuing new international and domestic travel insurance policies.

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Travel Insurance and COVID-19


Many aspects of life, work, business, and travel were changed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that began early in 2020. It’s still too soon to say which of these changes will be permanent. However, the need for travel insurance for both domestic and international travel is more critical than ever. For some time, travel within Australia was challenging, while international travel was all but impossible.

This has started to change, with international borders opening and international travel–for both leisure and business–once again allowed. This isn’t the result of the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus disappearing. Rather it is because vaccinations and other preventative measures have allowed us to lessen the risks of COVID-19.

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We’ve been helping Australian travellers buy travel insurance for over 20 years.

With different providers to choose from, you’re sure to get the right policy to cover your holiday. Select the policy that is right for you and buy it online. If you have any questions, we’re here to assist you.


Travel coverage is a smart investment, buying it shouldn’t be complicated!

Nobody expects anything to go wrong when travelling – both locally and internationally – but the reality is that things go wrong all the time. Flights are delayed or cancelled, luggage is lost, and anyone can fall ill, or be injured.

Holidays should be fun, and business trips should be about closing that deal, and with the right travel cover, they can be, with you protected not only against unexpected illnesses or injuries but also against your luggage not arriving on time – or at all.

Travel coverage offers you peace-of-mind, leaving you to enjoy your trip – whether it’s for business or pleasure – without having to worry about what could go wrong.

Online Travel Insurance

The best way to find the right policy for you is to compare multiple quotes online. Compare the cost and benefits of each, looking for one that is affordable, but offers you all the benefits you need.

The types of travel you can take out insurance for include internationalannualcorporategroup for groups of 10 or more people who will all be following the same itinerary, and even school groups.

We can help you get covered and save money, whether you’re travelling to the other side of Australia, or the other side of the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Travel insurance is insurance that provides protection against certain financial losses you could suffer while travelling. The losses could be the result of things like medical expenses due to illness or injury; lost, damaged, or stolen luggage; cancelled flights or accommodation; even emergency medical evacuation. The type of events you are covered for depends on the type of policy you have taken out, with the most common one being international travel cover, though it is possible to get multi-trip travel policies which is a single policy that covers you for multiple trips in a single year.

When it comes to travel insurance cover, your priority should not be the cheapest travel insurer, but rather who offers relevant travel policy with all the benefits you need. Assessing the benefits, limits, and exclusions should be your top priority, followed by price. We’ll show you a range of policies at affordable prices.

What is covered by travel policies differs from one insurer to the next, and according to the type of cover you request. Coverage could include the following:

  •  Medical expenses
  •  Flight and accommodation cancellations
  •  Lost, stolen, or delayed luggage
  •  Emergency medical evacuations

Read through the Product Disclosure Statement when comparing quotes online to understand what is covered, and what is excluded.

If you’re an Australian resident travelling in Australia domestic cover can be useful in protecting you against stolen or accidentally lost luggage, and cancelled trips. If you are visiting from abroad, then travel insurance to Australia is definitely a wise choice for the same reason as visiting any country: you never know when you might need it for medical costs, unplanned changes to your travels, or just delayed luggage.

The best time to take out a travel policy is when you book and pay for your trip. Some policies have a 7-14 day waiting period before any benefits become available, and buying it well in advance of your trip also protects you against cancellation costs. If you do a comparison of travel insurance products before booking your trip you will be better prepared to make a decision.

We generally advise that you should take out cruise cover, even on a domestic cruise. This is not only to protect yourself against cancellations and stolen or accidentally lost luggage but also for onboard medical expenses. Medicare and private health insurance do not generally cover medical expenses incurred while on a cruise, even if the cruise ship never leaves Australian waters.

Many credit cards do offer cheap – or free – travel policies if you pay for your trip using your credit card. However, some of the benefits included in these policies could be quite limited compared to standalone travel cover. It is always wise to assess the benefits compared to other policies before deciding whether or not it is sufficient.

Yes, seniors can get travel cover, though some insurers do still have a maximum age they will cover, along with other restrictions and/or benefit limits. We provide access to discounted travel insurance for seniors, with an additional 10% saving for travellers aged 60 and over. Depending on your age, we may ask you a few questions about your health and lifestyle to determine whether cover can be provided.