Luggage locks, anti-theft bags and beach lock boxes

Who wants to travel halfway around the world, only to keep both eyes on your bag/backpack at all times? You should be taking in your surroundings; grand buildings, spectacular views, the local culture. Well we can solve those problems with a theft-proof bag. Any bag can be secured with a luggage lock to prevent it from falling open or from someone trying to pry it open.

Pacsafe is one company that specialises in producing environmentally friendly, anti-theft bags in a range of sizes, colours and styles. Keeping all your bags secure when travelling is a MUST, whether it’s an everyday bag/backpack or the suitcases you check in at the airport

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Visiting the beach during your travels? Leaving your belongings out in the open and unattended is never a smart idea. Secure your belongings in a locked bag or box to better prevent any items from being taken, and don’t leave any valuables unattended for long periods of time.

Tracking devices

Keeping track of all your belongings while travelling be a major headache, and that’s never fun when you’re on holiday. Travelling as a family or in a group can also be another stressful experience when you are all in an unfamiliar place. But never fear, this is the 21st century, we have gadgets to fix that!

This little pocket pal can keep track of the whereabouts of your keys, phone, bags, luggage, toys, bikes, etc. (Parents with kids may find this device quite useful). NutTAG is a small and powerful, real-time tracker that allows you to keep track of whatever you choose to attach it to. With an emergency SOS button and two-way communication; you’re always close by to everyday items and the app can locate them in seconds by sound or map. Another snazzy feature of the NutTAG is an intelligent Separation Alert that will notify you if you ever leave your valuables behind.

Universal plug adapters

Like languages and currency, unfortunately power points also change from country to country. The solution, universal plug adaptors. Before departing for your next trip overseas, you may want to do a little research on what the plug situation is in the countries you’re visiting. KORJO is a company that sells a large variety of adaptors for all your charging needs while travelling. Need to keep those phones and cameras charged to capture some great pictures of your adventures!

Portable phone charger, solar charger and car charger

Phones have come a long way, they’re almost as smart as we are! However, they can’t eat for energy as we do, and taking all those pictures can wear down the battery quick. You can’t take the power point with you when we leave the hotel though, so why not take the next best thing. A portable power bank, some are charged via USB connection, others by solar power. Car chargers are another option if you’re renting a vehicle while travelling. Power banks are easily available on eBay and in most electronic stores such as JB Hi-Fi.

Weatherproof phone case

Phones are an essential device to carry when travelling, for emergencies and for taking pictures. Most phones are quite durable; however, every phone has its limit. Being dropped, getting wet, etc. A weatherproof case is a smart idea for a smartphone, to keep it protected from all the elements. Shockproof and waterproof cases are readily available online and in most electronic stores.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

Everyone enjoys travelling, but very few people enjoy the commute to and from their destination. Aeroplanes, trains, cars, bus’s; almost anytime you travel, there will be those few noisy passengers who keep you from enjoying your movie/book/music. Try some noise-cancelling headphones next time you travel for a quieter trip. There is a wide range of noise-cancelling headphones on the market, some are much pricier than others. A quick search online will show many of the options available and provide some customer reviews to help compare.

Backup USB or hard-drive.

While travelling there is always a risk of something happening back home; a power failure, a weather event, etc. Any digital files such as relevant documents, photos, home movies, etc, could be at risk. It is a smart idea to do a backup of any critical files on your home computer/laptop onto a USB or hard-drive that you can take with you or leave with a friend. This way, if anything happens while you’re away, you have a backup of all the essential data from home.

Portable bluetooth speaker

Did you know, music triggers memory? If you pick a playlist to listen to while travelling, and down the track listen to that playlist again, all the memories of that trip will come flooding back. So why not create some fantastic memories to your chosen playlist; whether you’re visiting the beach, going on a picnic, going for a hike, camping. A portable Bluetooth speaker will come in handy for this, allowing you to play your tunes out loud. There is a range of portable Bluetooth speakers available online and in most electronic stores.

Water purifier

Who doesn’t love a tropical paradise? Soaking up some sun, sipping iced drinks on the beach, leaving all your worries behind. Well I hate to be a spoiler, but don’t forget that tap water isn’t always safe to drink when travelling. We recommend you try sticking to bottled water for everything, including your morning teeth cleaning and avoiding ice cubes in drinks. However, there are sometimes where you have no other option but tap water, and that’s where the SteriPEN is your new best friend. How it works is it uses UV light that purifies water without harmful chemicals and without changing the taste, odour or colour of the water. The light attracts and kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa that may be the cause of any water-borne illness.

USB portable humidifier

Even though humidity plays a vital role in our lives, most are not aware of it. If you experience uncomfortable sleep or wake up with a dry nose and cracked lips in the middle of the night, humidity might be the issue. When travelling having to stay in a hotel, miles away from the comfort of your home can only make matters worse. Luckily there is a simple solution to this issue – a portable travel humidifier. There are portable humidifiers available that are powered by USB or batteries that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Fancii sells a portable humidifier that is perfect for your travels. It screws directly onto the top of a disposable water bottle and can be USB or battery powered.

Travel compression bags

Ladies, this one is for you. Need 10 different outfits for a 3-day trip? Well, more is less if you vacuum pack it! Travel compression bags are inexpensive and are a smart way to fit more in a smaller bag. Compression bags are readily available online and are easy to use; pack, seal and vacuum.

Personal distress alarms

Being in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people can be daunting. A personal distress alarm of some description is encouraged whether you’re travelling as a family/group or alone. If for any reason while travelling you feel in danger or uncomfortable in a situation, alerting those around you with a distress signal of some kind can be useful. A whistle is a simple and inexpensive option, however there are other options available. There are apps available to download on your phone that will also work effectively, or there are devices available online specifically for this purpose.